Is personal computer mining profitable or not? —— AMD 5700xt mining eth whole process teaching

Update 2022: Virtual currency-related business activities are illegal financial activities, please pay attention!

Ready to work

Graphics card for mining: XFX 5700xt overseas three-fan version


A word of science

To put it bluntly, mining is to get a number, and whoever gets it right will be rewarded, and the computing power is the speed of the scam. The faster the speed, the greater the possibility of getting it right.

The chance of an individual being right is too small, so a "mining pool" appeared, that is, group mining

The dug virtual currency is stored in a wallet and needs to be sold on the exchange and exchanged for fiat currency (CNY)


1. Register an exchange account

There are many exchanges, such as Binance, Huobi, etc. in China

This article takes Huobi as an example

  1. OpenHuobi official website  Register an account
  2. Real-name authentication (required, national regulations)
  3. Assets - Coin Account - Deposit, select eth (Ether) and write down the deposit address

2. Mining Pool

This article takes F2Pool as an example

Copy the URL:, and add the deposit address just now (for example:

You can see the mining information panel



Graphics card configuration

Digging eth pursues the memory frequency instead of the core frequency, so directly dry the core voltage to the lowest

Recommended core frequency/voltage: 1200MHz 750mV

In order to protect the life of the graphics card, the video memory is not adjusted


At this point, the power consumption of the graphics card is only astonishing75W!


Note: The memory temperature will rise sharply when mining, andCan't see memory temperature in graphics card panel, please use GPU-Z to check the video memory temperature and adjust the cooling settings, otherwise the high temperature will affect the video memory life!

Software configuration

Download the PhoenixMiner kernel (portal)

Find 3_Ethereum-f2pool.bat version, edit

PhoenixMiner.exe -pool -wal [mining account] -worker [write whatever] pause

Save and run the script. After 1 minute, the computing power is greater than 0 and it is successful (5700xt normal computing power is 50-51MH/s)

[accordion title="Advanced gameplay (more dangerous) click to expand"]

In order to further increase the computing power, you must flash the graphics card bios

The mining version BIOS corresponding to the graphics card can be found in the software "Easy Miner"

Click on overclocking settings, select BIOS-Update-5700xt

Select the mining version BIOS in the BIOS market and flash it

After flashing the mining version BIOS, the computing power can be increased to about 54MH/s (the original 50-51)


Finally, go back to the mining pool panel to see the computing power

sell eth

Enter the exchange, choose buy currency-sell-eth, just find a buyer and sell it

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