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who I am

16 years old, is a student (


Main equipment:
AMD Ryzen 5 3600 (Overclocking to 4.5 GHz)
Kingston ddr4 32G 3600
HP 10Gbps NICs
Logitech G502 hero
Redmi k30 ultra
MiPad 5 pro + Magnetic Keyboard
AirPods Pro
Airdots3 pro Genshin custom version
ZMI PurPods Pro
Xiaomi Watch Color Sports Edition

About this site

Based on WordPress, the server is hosted at sugarhosts

The development history of this site:

  • In 2014 (the specific time cannot be verified), a free website building platform was used, and there was no independent domain name
  • In December 2018, I had no money, searched the whole network and found the cheapest vps, 6 yuan/month, and bought another cheap domain name——sy-blog.info
  • From April to May 2019, I built a server with an old computer. The home broadband only has an ipv6 public network address, which is just fine. I bought an ultra-cheap domain name sy-blog.top from Alibaba Cloud for only 9 yuan a year.
  • From February 2021 to now, I have migrated my website to sugarhosts and bought a .moe domain name (yes)

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Passerby A Laboratory

It has not been updated for almost three years (hematemesis.jpg

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