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I bought a dl360p g8 a few days ago. During the power-on self-check process, the fan noise is very touching. After the power is turned on, the speed of the fan is maintained at about 49%. The noise is still very loud, and it is impossible to put it at home.

After entering ILO, it is found that the values of each temperature sensor are not very high

After doing some research, decided to manually reduce the fan speed to reduce noise

This is the definition diagram of the fan interface of dl360p g8, in which GND1 and GND2 will be short-circuited to test whether the fan is installed normally on the motherboard; tach1 and tach2 are used to test the fan speed;The motherboard adjusts the fan speed through the pwm pins.

As long as we connect the pwm lines of each fan in series and send the pwm signal externally, we can take over the control of the motherboard, and then play the role of manually adjusting the fan speed.

1. Line reconstruction

Short-circuit the four pins GND1, GND2, Tach1, and Tach2 together to deceive the motherboard.

Then connect the pwm lines of all fans in series

2. Use Arduino to manually adjust the speed

send pwm signal to fan using arduino

The procedure is as follows:

int control; void setup() { pinMode(3, OUTPUT); pinMode(4, OUTPUT); pinMode(5, OUTPUT); pinMode(6, OUTPUT); digitalWrite(4, HIGH); digitalWrite(5, LOW); digitalWrite(6, HIGH); // Set the fan speed to zero first analogWrite(0, 255); } void loop() { control = analogRead(A0) / 4; // Send pwm signal analogWrite(3, control); }

The arduino has an external knob for manual speed adjustment.

Finally, you also need to add a 5v small fan to the raid card to dissipate heat separately(Or the temperature is too high 233)

Effect video:

  1. Ceyhun says:
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    Hello, Can you also share the ardino cable connection? Thank you.
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    Do you have a circuit diagram? I want to refer to the qwq mailbox 1692024891@qq.com or directly add the qq number
  3. chenhan says:
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    Hello, I would like to ask if I see that you have cut all the lines short and shorted GND1, GND2, Tach1, Tach2 on the motherboard side, and the fan side leads to the power ground and pwm three lines or only leads to the pwm line The power and ground are still connected motherboard?
    1. sh06y says:
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      Just lead out the PWM line. I originally wanted to remove the fan and cut all the wires :lol:
  4. shmily says:
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    Experts can provide the purchase link of arduino, if it is convenient, you can send me an email, tenlmail@163.com. I want to copy it. thanks.
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    Which arduino should I buy? It's hard to copy if you don't understand
    1. sh06y says:
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      It's okay, I use Arduino nano, which is relatively small
      1. shmily says:
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        Can you add my qq no (7008229), the rookie is very rookie, how to connect it on Arduino nano? The arduino has an external knob for manual speed adjustment. These are all problems for me, I don't understand.
        1. sh06y says:
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  6. shmily says:
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    I just bought a gen8 recently, I was annoyed by the noise problem, learn how to make it

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